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“97% of consumers do online research before making purchases”

A new era of marketing has arrived. Some call it Internet Marketing, while others refer to it as Online Marketing (also known as Digital, Inbound, Web and e-Marketing). As people and businesses become more dependent on Internet technology, traditional marketing vendors become obsolete. Magazines, newspapers and directories such as Yellow Pages are the vehicles of the past. The platforms for marketing is rapidly changing. Digital and mobile marketing are the new media. Today, for a business to excel in their market place, they must be ‘virtually’ found instantly, with the press of a button.
At Bonzer we care about your return on investment. We are in the business of getting results and our job is simple: To boost your website and promote your business by helping you increase traffic, attract more leads, and gain new customers.
"Today just having a website is no longer a strategy"

Digitization is the most significant transformation of our time. Today we have all become digital consumers in a world of digital businesses. Consumers want to see what you have to offer before physically visiting your place of business. Today you not only need a digital or web presence, but to reach a digital consumer you need digital advertising. It’s like having a billboard in the middle of a desert where there is no traffic. You MUST have Traffic, the right type of traffic (targeted traffic).​
"Our Lifecycle Strategy is the cornerstone to the success of our clients"

At Bonzer we leverage a 5-Stage Lifecycle Strategy designed to develop an ongoing relationship with our clients in order to maximize results and ultimately implement a successful digital strategy. The Process moves a client from an initial assessment right through to delivery of the digital marketing solutions:

Stage 1) Web Presence
How is your current website performing and who is it reaching? We'll establish your company’s “digital profile” by exploring the current state of your business and examining the status of Internet usage. By fully understanding your business we can suggest the best campaign strategy to meet your needs.

Stage 2) Traffic Generation
Lay the groundwork for success by hashing out a solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy and Content Management System (CMS). You no longer need to hire that SEO expert any more. BONZER SEO makes it easy to pick the right keywords and find link-building opportunities that increase your website's search rank:
  • Keyword Analysis: Find and track your most effective keywords
  • Link Tracking: Track inbound links and the leads they're generating
  • Page-Level SEO: Diagnose and fix poorly ranking sites

Stage 3) Lead Generation
Turn website visitors into informed, sales-ready leads through, premium content offers and landing pages such as sign-up forms, blogs, webinars and e-book downloads. We will harmonize:

  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Strategies
  • Reputation Management

Stage 4) Sales Conversion
When users visit your website, they may not be ready to make an immediate purchase. Our job to pave the path to sales, to move users through the sales conversion funnel. All conversion funnels have the same three components:

       1.  Brand Awareness - Prospects  discover your company and visit your site for the first time
       2.  Consideration - Prospects evaluate your brand and product to determine fit and need potential.
       3.  Conversion - Prospects decide to work or shop with your brand for the first time. Some become repeat buyers. 

Stage 5) Measure & Manage
In this stage advanced web analytic tools are used to monitor the lifecycle strategy after going live. The web’s massive footprint allows for almost total traceability, which means all the tactics and campaigns we manage and build for you are instantly measurable:

  • How are the leads we are generating being rated by your sales team?
  • At what rate are the leads converting into customers?